The Project

In one sense, the voyage of self-discovery is solitary, but that doesn’t mean you have to take it all alone.  A lot of men suffer silently when they are in creative chaos, and feel something is wrong with them because they don’t realize other men are experiencing a similar disintegration of the old modes of masculinity.

In matters of the psyche and spirit, taking the journey and telling the story go hand in glove, and that is why we need a listening community in order to make our solitary pilgrimage. The most powerful resource we have for transforming ourselves is honest conversation. ~ Sam Keen, Fire in the Belly.

The Seven Nameless Men project is an experimental men’s group that takes place in Philadelphia, PA.

Why should I join?

You made it this far. Don’t second guess it.

Who can join the Seven Nameless Men project?

The Project is open to all men of any age, color, creed, and orientation.  The requisites are:

  • Commitment to the five meeting dates, as best as one can manage
  • Pledge to hold our four agreements:
    • Discretion
      Our work is held in confidence.
    • Tolerance
      We will be a group of men that would not have come together under normal circumstances. This may freak you out, but holding to this agreement may just open up our worlds in ways we couldn’t anticipate.
    • Honesty
      To make anything authentic happen, you have to start by telling the truth about yourself. All is welcome.
    • Willingness
      We’re going to some uncharted territory. You will not be coerced to do anything against your will, but your genuine effort is essential.

How long does the project last?

Each project goes for five, meeting every Tuesday from 6:30-8:30 in Philadelphia (location TBA).  There is a reason why seven men participate at a time, so your commitment to attend each session is vital.

The next project begins on Tuesday, March 21st, 2017, concluding on Tuesday, April 18th.

If you know you have a conflict on one of these Tuesdays, please mention it when you submit your intent. This won’t be held against you in any way – just coordinating.

What actually happens during the Project?

The first half-hour of each meetup will feel like a traditional men’s group. We’ll check in with our respective lives and decompress a little.

Each meetup has a unique activity that we’ll embark on individually or as a group. Each is designed to cultivate clarity, push beyond our comfort zones, and support our comrades.

The unknown can be a scary thing, but know that this isn’t the type of group that believes that humiliation builds character (it might, but that’s not what happens here). Each of the activities has been collected from men’s groups and wisdom traditions around the world.

You will be asked to journal at different points in the project, to be used for future reflection.

Is this religious?

The faithful, the seekers, and the godless are all welcome, with the understanding that tolerance is one of our Agreements.  Our differences are the only way to access the magnificent diversity of life.

The Project is a non-secular, but not rigidly so.  We may use names and symbols from many spiritual traditions.  If your faith is threatened by references to other spiritual practices, this journey is not for you.

We live in a complex reality in 2017. Communicating with those unlike us seems harder than ever.  We will not endeavor to create a ‘safe’ space – we will, however, collectively hold a space grounded in respect and reality. Let’s see what happens.

Does this cost money?

Participation costs $25 dollars for participation and materials.  This isn’t a for-profit situation; we’re sharing cost for the organizers who front the money to make this happen.

Can’t afford $25?  E-mail us and we can work something out. We need you. We’ll make it work.

What if I join, then decide this isn’t for me?

You are free to leave at any time, though we hope that every man will see his commitment through.  This is doubly-so if you feel like leaving because the work is too hard.

We ask that, if you do abort, you let us know why the Project wasn’t for you. We hope to improve every iteration.

Who is behind this project?  Is this like therapy or life coaching?

A message from the Architect: I’m not a therapist, counselor, or motivational speaker.  I don’t have any answers. I have, however, experienced the soul-shaking power of men’s groups to awaken, calibrate, and transform.

In these groups, support and coaching happens through the integrity with which the Men hold the space.  It’ll be as powerful as we are vulnerable and courageous.

If during the course of the Project you feel that professional therapy or counseling becomes necessary, we have a professional psychotherapist as an ally.

Why do I have to apply?

The Project only holds seven men at a time.  Once we get into the Project, it will hurt the journey to lose people who were never that serious about their own growth in the first place.

How do I join?

Complete this Statement of Intent.