Salute to the Men of Spring 2017


One final thank you to the men of the Spring 2017 group.

  • The Mystic – thank you for closing your eyes, going deep, and opening yourself to us. Thank you for your willingness and raw honesty.
  • The Warrior  – thank you for showering us all with the brilliant sparks of your self-refinement, for balancing us with your gentle but potent inner strength.
  • The Judge – thank you for letting us witness the transmutation of your deepest, hottest emotional energy.
  • The Fool – thank you for your song, and for showing us your reflection in the bus window.

It was an honor.

Firming up Spring 2017

Quick update.

We had a full deck of seven applicants, but a few have become unresponsive and I’m trying to get our complete group locked down before I confirm our location.

If you received an acceptance e-mail and have not confirmed, I will be reopening your spot on the morning of Wednesday, March 8th.

Because this is the first time we’ve done this group, I realize I should’ve had confirmations earlier and perhaps kept promoting so that we had a few men on standby. Lesson learned.

More from me soon. If you confirmed, look for the location in your e-mail sometime soon.


The Brotherhood of the Mardi Gras Indians

Beads and feathers honoring an eternal debt.

When I lived in New Orleans, I fell in love with the Mardi Gras Indians.  They aren’t Indians, they are black men from New Orleans who work all year to create some of the most magnificent costumes you’ve ever seen (us Philadelphians would compare them to the Mummers).

Why?  Because escaped slaves were given refuge by the Native Americans, and this annual tradition sends an eternal thank you for their hospitality.


Another important reason – Mardi Gras, with its masks, anonymity, and confusion, used to be a time for neighborhoods to settle scores violently.  Now, the Chiefs of the 38 Mardi Gras Indian ‘tribes’ direct their rivalries into costumes instead of masks and knives.  The crews have ‘confrontations’ which are now a show of craftsmanship and skill.

Men doing immense work.





A Note from the Architect

We’ll endeavor to engage with the authentic needs of each man, buried beneath political and social costumes.

We’ve picked the date for the inaugural Seven Nameless Men project.  We’ll get started one day after the Spring Equinox, Tuesday March 21st.

I write this one week after another (much more important) inauguration in our nation’s history.

During this project, we’ll endeavor to engage only with the authentic needs of each man, respectfully and empathetically, buried beneath our political and social costumes.

What we want for ourselves and our loved ones can’t really be all that different, can it?  We’ll see what’s left after the fire burns.

Perhaps we can all agree with this: Making America Great happens when we each bring forth our own great work. I suspect this project will help each of the Seven to gestate their own work, which we so desperately need from you.

Hope to see you in March.